HC 960 (V2)

HC 960 (V2)


Compact chopper control and application monitoring - No-Stress Function

Stone Crusher – Wood chipper – Power take-off machines – Motor Machines
The minimal dimensions of the control unit allow it to be installed in a minimum of space. Time-saving connection via central plug. The operating functions can be seen at a glance.

Fully automatic and semi-automatic operating mode
Semi-automatic mode is clearly displayed visually (flashing display)
Optionally the start acknowledgement can be activated, which suppresses the first automatic start-up for safety reasons.

Display of various operating parameters
Simple and clear parameter setting. The parameter menu can be protected by an adjustable password.
Programmable speed settings control the infeed automatically
Optimized speed input for exact speed measurement

Speed indication on the display
Input of speed limit values as fixed values or as % of normal speed
The normal speed can be adapted to requirements or programmed as a fixed value by pressing a key during operation

Total operating hours counter and a resettable daily operating hours counter
Reliable information about the shredder running times and transparent overview of the operating times.
Password protected daily operating hours counter.

Selectable language for the display
Currently are available: German, English, French, Spanish

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  • Agricultural engineering (agricultural machines) Agricultural engineering (agricultural machines)
  • Special machines Special machines
  • Wood chippers Wood chippers


Electrical Data

Voltage range


Current consumption

max. 100mA

Operating temperature

-20°C to +70°C temporary discoloration of the display

Storage temperature

30°C to +80°C


Speed input for inductive encoder


Output for hydraulic valve (2A) semiconductor,

short-circuit protected

Operating hours counter

Integrated, 0...99999 h

Daily operating hours counter

Integrated, 0...99:99 h


Display typ

LCD S/W Display

Background lighting



32 x 128 Pixel

Mechanical Data

Housing dimensions (L x W x H)

82x 80 x 55mm

Housing material

ABS, PC (UV stabilized), light grey, Cover screw V2A


192 g


4x rubber-bonded metal, M4x10

Protection class

IP 54


7pol. AMP connector or

6pol. AMP-CON-6 connetor

Testing standards


DIN EN 60068-2-3


DIN EN 60068-2-6


DIN EN 60068-2-27


DIN EN 61000-6-4, DIN EN 61000-4-20, DIN EN 61000-4-2,

DIN EN 61000-4-3, DIN EN 61000-4-20, ISO 11451-1, DIN EN 61000-4-4, DIN EN 61000-4-5, DIN EN 61000-4-6

CE marking

According to directive 2014/30/EU

Technical Drawings

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