The CANarmatur provides the machine or unit operator with the option to communicate with the engine management system of the electronically-controlled engine. The CANarmatur receives the engine data and displays them on the integrated LC display. Settings may be individually configured for very diverse applications and different engine variants. For all engines and special machines with CANbus (SAE J1939)

Transflective, backlit B/W with automatic contrast adjustment
CANarmatur provides perfect legibility even under poor lighting. Full graphic display, e.g. for standard-compliant DPF symbols

UV-resistant, rugged PA6 housing. Secure installation with retainer or screw-fastening, 3 x M6
Fast installation or conversion.
Dependable functioning even in harsh environments.

Integrated ignition switch
Ensures quick integration into machines and enables use in compact installation situations

Communication via CAN bus with existing network
Integration of conventional engines in existing CAN bus networks and applications.

Flexibility and control for your electronic systems
Adjustment of all working parameters at the device.
Speed adjustment via CAN bus supported.
Display of engine operation parameters.
Warning LED or alarm system signals critical engine parameters.
DPF-support for Deutz EMR4/5, Hatz TICD, Kubota, Yanmar

Password-protected menu settings
Access to relecant functions restricted to authorised staff

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  • Construction machinery Construction machinery
  • Agricultural engineering (agricultural machines) Agricultural engineering (agricultural machines)
  • Maritime applications Maritime applications
  • Municipal utility vehicles Municipal utility vehicles
  • Plant engineering Plant engineering
  • Special machines Special machines

Electrical Data

Voltage range

8 – 32V (typ. 12 – 24V)


50 mA typical (in UB 8 – 24V)

Voltage peaks

200V (2ms on UB)

Power consumption

14 V: Typ. 145mA
28 V: Typ. 100mA


All outputs are short circuit-proof

Operating temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Storage temperature

-30°C to +80°C


PIN 02: AUX3/Kl. W (0 – 10kHz), alarm switch, speed adjusment, to working RPM

PIN 04: OP2, <1/4 UB, alarm switch, minus RPM, to minimal RPM

PIN 06: OP3, <1/4 UB, alarm switch, to working RPM

PIN 07: AUX1, <2,5V 0 – 1k Ohm, alarm switch, plus RPM, to maximal RPM, diesel level measuring

PIN 09: AUX2, <2,5V 0 – 1k Ohm, alarm switch, minus RPM, to minimal RPM, pressure measuring

PIN 11: OP4, <1/4 UB, alarm switch

PIN 13: OP1, <1/4 UB, alarm switch, plus RPM, to maximal RPM


PIN 10: Output OP1, 2A, alarm from input OP1, alarm from input OP2, alarm from input OP3, alarm from input OP

PIN 12: Output OP2, 2A, OP2 inversion of output OP1

PIN 15: AUX 2, 2A, switch and insuffiecent diesel level

PIN 16: Output AUX 1, 2A, switch and insuffiecent pressure

PIN 18: Output Kl. 15

CAN bus interface

PIN 01/ PIN 03: CAN 2.0B, 250k Bit, SAE J1939 / EEC1, ET1, EFL/P1, VEP1, AMB, DM1 fault alarms / auto start, speed adjustment

Operating hours counter


Daily operating hours counter



Display type

132 x 28 Pixel Dot Matrix LCD black/white, transflective


132 x 28 Pixel


1000 cd/m²

Contrast ratio (CR)


Background lighting

LED, white

Mechanical Data

Housing dimensions (W x H)

72 x 72 mm

Installed dimension (W x H x D)

66 x 66 x 130 mm

Installation cut-out (W x H)

66 x 66 mm

Housing materiall

PA 6 30 GB, black, UV-stabilised


340 g


Retainer or screw-fastening, 3x M6

Degree of protection

Front side IP65 / IP67 | Rear IP67 | Housing IP67 | Terminals IP67


Deutsch plug type HDP24-24-19PE

Testing standards


DIN EN 60068-2-3


DIN EN 60068-2-6


DIN EN 60068-2-27

CE marking

according to Directive 2014/30/EU

Technical Drawings

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