Switch cabinet construction

ehb switch cabinet construction

ehb offers switch cabinet construction in a safe, fast and reliable way according to higher standards.
In different embodiments for numerous applications. Standard and customer-specific switch cabinet constructions in small, medium and large series.

ehb is not only your reliable partner for the controls and HMI systems of your products, but also for the corresponding switch cabinet construction.

From terminal boxes to simple control panels to complex switch cabinet rows - ehb switch cabinet construction serves the market nationally and internationally. 

  • Individual one-off production
  • Small series
  • Series production
  • complex switch cabinet systems with integrated ehb products

ehb manufactures and labels for each customer request the suitable switch cabinet.
From prototype to series production: switch cabinet construction with well-founded know-how. Our specialists with cross-divisional experience develop optimal automation solutions for your requirements.

We guarantee solution-oriented production and short lead times. The circuit diagrams are created with EPLAN. Thanks to efficient warehouse management, we are quickly able to equip switch cabinets with the desired components. Extensive quality controls (routine testing) before delivery are ehb standard.

About switch cabinets

What is a switch cabinet

The terminal box or distribution box is the simplest form of switch cabinet. Only terminals are then integrated on terminal strips. They are used for the electrical connection of various components of a system.

Technically more complex switch cabinets can do more than just "distribute". The complex switch cabinets are also capable of measuring, controlling and regulating with the aid of integrated electronic circuit boards, for example. Digital or analog display instruments that can be integrated into the front cover of a control cabinet.

What is the function of a switch cabinet?

The housing of a switch cabinet has a protective function for the components installed inside:

  • Protection against dust and water
    The degree of protection is specified in IP protection classes and is subject to the rules of DIN EN 60529 This classification makes it clear to the user which operating conditions must be observed for the control cabinet
  • Protection against overheating
    The installed components are protected against harmful environmental influences, e.g. temperature, by means of air conditioning, if necessary. The term control cabinet air conditioning or housing air conditioning is mainly used for heat dissipation measures.
  • Protection against electromagnetic interference (EMC)
    It must be ensured that the technical device is not disturbed by unwanted electrical or electromagnetic effects or that other devices are not disturbed.Due to the unwanted reciprocal influence, it can occur in the worst-case scenario malfunctions occur and lead to the destruction of the devices.
  • Protection against mechanical influences
    The housing must be resistant enough for certain applications to withstand rough handling (e.g. construction site, bore, aggregate) as well as forms of vandalism.

The control cabinet also serves as a protective function for the environment: 

  • Electromagnetic emission is shielded.
  • Protection against contact with dangerous voltage - Classification according to protection classes. In electrical engineering, protection classes are used to identify electrical equipment with regard to the safety measures in place to prevent an electric shock. 
  • fire protection

What types of switch cabinets are available?

The different design of the control cabinet depends on the type and scope of the required components, as well as the individual location of use.

  • Single-standing control cabinet with screw-on cover, single-door or two-door.
  • Bayable control cabinet in the form of a modular system
  • Wall-mounted housing - single or double door
  • Terminal box

In terms of stability, processing and handling, expansion options and accessories, the choice of suppliers is enormous. Here our ehb specialists help to find the optimal combination for your control cabinet requirements.         

Switch cabinets and enclosures with cut-outs according to customer requirements or special colour requests according to RAL can even be realized for small and medium series.

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