Return procedure

The return is easy and uncomplicated when you use our on-line service. You can read all the technical data on-line, describe the fault and generate the delivery note including address label:

  1. You need the serial number (ident number). This number is printed on the product sticker.
  2. After entering the ident number, you can describe the faults of the product.
  3. When printing, a two-page PDF is generated. Enclose the first page with your shipment; use the second page as address label for your package.
  4. Upon receipt of your shipment at ehb electronics gmbh, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt.
  5. If we do not find a fault on the product and you request the return of the product without repair or the disposal of the product, we will charge inspection costs. These costs depend on the expenditure incurred; however, we charge at least 33.50 EUR plus VAT as well as shipping and packaging costs.

Packing and Return

Transport damages due to defective packaging are at the expense of the sender.

The return

Enter the serial number (ident number) of your ehb product in the field below and proceed as described in the instructions.

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