Quality Management

Why does ehb need quality management?

Many customers require a functioning, certified quality management system. This requirement of our customers alone does not necessarily meet our standards.

To meet our high quality requirements, it is mandatory that each employee of ehb electronics gmbh improves on products and processes continually. This includes the identification of potentials using Kaizen (“change for the better”) as well as a non-bureaucratic idea management. Analytical assessment of complaints and process risk assessment within the ehb quality circle are among the effective instruments to optimise the quality continuously. These assessments consider the entire supply chain, from the supplier through internal processes to the customer. This leads inevitably to higher-quality products and tighter processes.

Quality management assures satisfied customers.

ISO 9001: 2015

An existing, certified quality management system demonstrates that ehb electronics gmbh improves the quality of products, processes and services. The experience gained since 2004 helps us achieve our quality goals.

Declaration of Conformity

We are aware of our responsibility to society, to the environment as well as to our customers and employees. Therefore, we can confirm that ehb manufactures and distributes products according to legal requirements.

Do you have any questions? For further information please contact:

Stefanie Riechers-Märländer, Quality Management


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