SmartWheel in action


In the expansion of the fibre optic network, plastic tubes, known as tubes, are first laid underground. Subsequently, fibre optic cables are inserted into these tubes. This process is usually challenging, depending on the length and distance involved. Not with the SmartWheel:

In Edewecht, the SmartWheel demonstrated its unique capabilities during a customer presentation by Lancier Cable GmbH for TBD Technical Construction Services GmbH & Co. KG.

The task was to tackle a particularly challenging route. Several attempts with other devices had failed beforehand, and there was a risk of resorting to the laborious excavation of the tubes to fix the problem. Therefore, the SmartWheel was put into action. Its clever design allows the device to be equipped with various cables and tubes without the need for tools, making it quickly ready for use. After a crash test to determine the limits, it was ready to go. In just a few minutes (top speeds of up to 100m/min are possible) on the nearly 480m-long route, the SmartWheel effortlessly pushed the fibre optic cable through. It autonomously identified the problematic section, where multiple fibre optic cables were broken, through its sensors and adjusted its speed independently to navigate the section before resuming normal speed.

In another test on a different route, a tbd employee was able to operate the device independently, confirming the ease of use of the device, which minimizes user training to an absolute minimum.


Overview of the SmartWheel's Advantages:

+ Easy and intuitive operation, eliminating the need for extensive operator training

+ Automatic insertion of the fibre optic cable prevents cable breakage, saving material costs

+ Fast insertion speed of up to 100m/min saves time and costs



More information about the SmartWheel

SmartWheel | ehb electronics gmbh (


LANCIER CABLE GmbH: Einblassysteme (

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