ehb SMARTdisplay 050


The configurable motor monitor with 3.5-inch display has been specifically designed for use on vehicles and off-highway machines. The SMARTdisplay 050 user interface displays the most important operating parameters particularly clearly, has a simple configuration tool and outstanding system flexibility.


  • Configurable motor monitoring via ehb PC Configuration Suite (licence-free)
  • eVIEW® motor display
  • Heated, compact 3.5-inch display with automatic ON/OFF
  • Outstanding system flexibility thanks to 4 configurable multifunction inputs and 3 outputs

eVIEW® motor display
Configurable motor monitoring
The ehb SMARTdisplay 050 is a configurable 3.5-inch display, developed for use on vehicles and off-highway machines. Designed for use as a stand-alone product, the ehb SMARTdisplay 050 offers the user outstanding flexibility.

The eView® ehb SMARTdisplay 050 provides configurable engine monitoring functions for a wide range of engine types. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of Tier 4, Level V. The program can be customized using the ehb PC Configuration Software (licence free).

Main features / key benefits

Monitors engine speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel level & more
Offers an excellent level of monitoring functionality.

Compatible with Tier 4 Final and Tier V engine parameters
Designed for the very latest engine technology.

Robust display, specially designed for mobile applications
Designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions.

Heated display with automatic on/off
Ensures continuous operation at extremely cold temperatures.

3.5" colour screen for harsh environments
Excellent readability even at high humidity

Automatic on/off switching of the heated display
Excellent for use at low temperatures.

4 configurable multifunction inputs (digital, current, voltage, resistance)
3 outputs for external relays, LEDs or buzzer
Offer excellent system flexibility.

TSC 1 message for speed control
Allows you to control the speed.

DTCs for displaying DM1 and DM2 diagnostic error codes
Provides active and previous active data.

Configurable CAN baud rate (250 kbit/s or 500 kbit/s)
Offers flexibility in the transmission of tariff information.

Start screen and instrumentation pages configurable
Adding a company branding is possible

Dark and bright screen design adjustable
Depending on the application/environment, choose between dark and light background themes for optimum readability.

5 soft navigation keys with backlight
User-friendly and simple navigation

Power saving mode
Reduction of energy consumption

PC configurable with the software ehb Configuration Suite (licence free)
Enables the user to fully customise the product. No ongoing software subscriptions

120 Ohm CAN termination resistor switchable via software
Offers application flexibility

Industry standard connector (GERMAN 18 PIN)
Universal connector for quick and easy connection

Protection class IP67
Ensures a high level of protection against the penetration of dust and water

80mm panel round cut-out
For the quick and easy replacement of traditional instruments. Ideal for retrofits and new applications

It has been an oneeorus task for engine manutactures in meeting the technicacl demands of ongoing changes to emission standards. With common technologies such as diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selctive catalytic reduction (SCR) still required, the change from Tier 4 Final to Stage V ist not as great as previous changes but the work hat undoubtedly kept engine manufactures occupied.
With the release of the new Stage V engines, the onus is now with OEM’s to ensure that the chosen engine integrates seamlessly into their application with a compatible engine control and monitoring system that retains the best performance features.
The new eView® product is one such engine display designed specifically for Tier 4 Final & Stage V compatibility.
The large screen has visual impact displaying information in multiple formats and in full colour. The icon based display means the OEM does not need to worry about language translations for machine variants.
The ‘plug and play’ unit comes with default manufacturers’ settings, which will be suitable straight out of the box for the large majority of engine applications.
For other applications and OEMs that require a bespoke look and feel to the display, the eView offers fully configurable settings via the user-friendly ehb Configuration Suite PC software. Specific icons, boot-up screen, colour schemes and viewable engine data can all be changed to present application specific information in a customised format.
As required with any monitor for electronic engines, the ehb SMARTdisplay 050  diagnostic messages for both active and historic faults (DM1 and DM2) together with the relevant malfunction indicator light/ lamp (MIL), key for fault finding.
If additional signals are required that are not provided on the engine’s CAN bus, the eView® has multiple configurable inputs and outputs for additional sensors and auxiliary parts. Manual engine speed control is achieved via TSC1 messages to the engine via the buttons on the front fascia.
Water and dust repellent to IP67, the eView® display is built for the most extreme environments and includes a heated display for continued use in cold climates, making it ideal for the tough demands of multiple engine applications in both vehicle and standalone machines.
The ehb SMARTdisplay 050 is mounted via the industry standard 81mm diameter nut and incorporates the robust DT16 Harness connector.

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