SSR start-lock relay


The ehb start-block relay (SSR) provides optimum protection for the starter, pinion and motor ring gear. It prevents erroneous starting when the motor is already running or is still running down. The SSR can be used for any combustion motor and is suitable for both original equipment and retrofitting. The compact design ensures quick assembly.


  • Optimum protection of the starter
  • Rapid installation due to compact design
  • Works reliably even at a low speed
ehb SMARTmodule Frontabbildung mit Spiegelung

The SSR is used to protect the starter, pinion and engine sprocket. It prevents erroneous starting when the engine is running or comes to a stop. Suitable for any combustion engine. The start-lock relay is suitable for as original equipment and for retrofitting. The compact design guarantees quick assembly.

The electronic relay SSR is connected between terminal 30 and the starter (terminal 50F). The connection W of the alternator allows the motor speed measurement. 

The terminals 15, 30 and 31 are used for power supply. 

The connection D + is required for additional excitation on some alternators. The SSR switches power to terminal D+ during start-up. This ensures that the terminal W provides clear signals for speed detection even at low speed.

Protection concept:

  • Start lock while engine is running
  • Start lock while engine is stopping
  • Start-repeat lock
  • Automatic disengagement of the starter upon reaching the engine starting speed.
  • The running of the starter is prevented.


Safety concept:

  • Plus switching
  • All outputs are protected against overload
  • The output currents are limited in case of overload
  • Output transistors turn off in case of overtemperature
  • The SSR requires no supply voltage during the period of the start-repeat lock
  • The maximum start time is limited to 60s

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