MC704-H V3


The MC704-H V3 is the compact, robust and cost-effective solution for monitoring mechanically controlled diesel and petrol motors. It offers a wide range of functions, easy readability of the motor states and can be used entirely without configuration.


  • Robust and affordable solution
  • Intuitive and language-independent operability
  • Safe use in harsh environments
  • Reliable even at the lowest temperatures
  • Space-saving design with integrated ignition start switch
  • For diesel and petrol motors
MC 704 V3 frontale Abbildung mit Spiegelung unten
MC 704 V3 Abbildung Gerät mit Lieferumfang
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The MC704 V3 offers a multitude of functions for the monitoring of mechanically-controlled engines.

Rugged and inexpensive solution for use in harsh conditions
High machine availability at minimal investments for controller and engine protection.

Protection of the connected engines from damage
Faultsin the engine are reliably detected and displayed. The engine is stopped in a controlled manner before the fault can cause severe engine damage.

Anodised aluminium housing. Secure installation with retaineror rubber-metal mounts bolted from the rear
Fast installation and retrofit. Dependable functioning even in harsh environments.

Pre-heat and after-glow function, time- or temperature-controlled
Reliable starting process, even at very low temperatures. Reduced smoke generation.
Pre- and afterglow function for diesel engines, choke function for gasoline engines.

Ignition starter switch with integrated starter safeguard lock
No external ignition starter switch required.
Mechanical protection of the starter against damage.

Operating hours counter
Reliable information about engine running times and required servicing.

Customised adaptations
Optimal and inexpensive controller, adapted for your specific needs and functions.


Why can't the device be switched on?

Check if the supply voltage is connected with the wrong polarity. The reverse polarity protection avoids damage to the electronics, but does not replace the correct polarity of the connecting cables.

Why does the engine start as soon as it is switched on and not when it is started?

Check whether the cables for terminal 15 and terminal 50 were interchanged during connection.

Why does the engine speed varies greatly?

The output is overloaded and the transistor switches off. When it cools down, it switches back on. As a result, the coil alternately picks up and drops off.

The controller does not respond to input signals?

The inputs must be connected to ground. The controller cannot detect plus signals.


A measurement at the output shows a controlled transistor, although it should be high-impedance?

A load must be connected to the output. Otherwise, the open-load detection behaves like a low-resistance transistor.

Can outputs be connected in parallel?

No, the outputs are not to be connected in parallel!

Is the "External stop" input suitable as an emergency stop?

No, because there can be delays of up to one second!


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